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My name is Thali, I’m from São Paulo – Brazil, and I’ve been dancing since I was 2. As a child, I did ballet and made some dance presentations during my childhood. By the age of 18, I was dance instructor at the Gloria Ibarra Gym, in São Paulo. I used to teach typical Brazilian dances such as samba, forró and samba-rock.


Thali wearing a samba costume
Thali Bento of Unidos em Ritmo at Brazilica festival

At this point I already had a big passion for samba and used to attend a large number of Samba Schools (Escolas de Samba) involved in São Paulo’s Carnival, where I could dance samba and practice choreographies.

Brazilian Carnival is known worldwide for its grandiosity and for spreading happiness. In order to keep its reputation, our Carnival is prepared during the whole year, at weekly “parties” called ensaio (rehearsals.) The rehearsals are composed of four substantial elements of afro Brazilian culture: community bonds, the rhythm of the drums, song lyrics and, of course, dancing.

I did samba presentations for many years at the Samba School Vai Vai  (São Paulo’s Carnival winner 15 times.) In England, I performed in samba shows at places like Bem Brazil (Leeds) and Alma de Cuba (Liverpool), as well as parades such as Birmingham and Brazilica festival in Liverpool.

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